Safety and Accreditation



We are RLSC Accredited



We are BFM Accredited


NHVAS (National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme)

The NHVAS is a formal process for recognising operators who have robust safety and other management systems in place.

OTT Transport is continuously working to ensure that safety is an essential aspect of our business. The Company is fully accredited in Basic Fatigue Management and is RLSC Accredited.
Our commitment is to provide all staff, contractors, customers and visitors the highest level of personal and environmental safety. We encourage our employees to leave the environment in the condition they find it in or better.
We ensure that our drivers are fit for work daily, and that they abide by all the Company Policies and Procedures whilst taking pride in their work and striving for excellence in customer service.
We provide our drivers with continuous training, updated processes, and investment in Safety Equipment with our main goal being to provide safe and reliable service.